Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tool - Neil's Sod Tool

Neil Rippingale one of the most amazing stone masons I have ever had the opportunity to work with. But when he's not laying stone he's creating some very practical tools. This one was spotted in the back of his truck. The tool is a Sod Removal- how does this work? The device bolts to the bottom of his skid loader bucket. As the machine is moving backwards the tool skims the top layer of Sod. Depth believed to be 6 inch's below grade. Making a very clean cut, allowing for sod removal and relocating if needed. Why would one need to do this? When building a wall you most build your footer for your wall. This should be 6-8 inchs below grade. This Sod Removal tool makes for a clean cut without having to hand dig. Quick, easy and great for large jobs which a skid loader can get too.

You can see in the back round just how well this tool worked at the Shaker Village KY site. Small stone aggregate was filled for the safety of the public. The other benefit as this wall grows in the future less work will be required for site prep. 

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