Sunday, March 29, 2020

Pro Series - Dry Laid Stone - Railing Rods - Plug & Play

Now if it was only as easy as it sounds! Should stand the test of time with no maintenance. Only time will tell.

This video covers how to create and install railings to a dry stone wall. This is a very simple but time consuming method using only gravity and friction. This design and application has endless applications. This is simply concept - idea which may help you and others. With alternative solutions for building custom handrails and railings for patio, walkways and steps to name a few. At all times appropriated PPE gear such as gloves, safety glasses, respirators, dust collectors should be used when working with cutting, grinding or shaping stone...etc. This was inspired by DSWA / DCS Mastercraftsman Neil Rippingale with a dry laid building structure built by DSC in Fairfield PA 2018. The design was build the rods into the wall in the middle of the packing stone. In order to help secure the roof to the dry laid stone structure. I never saw the rods in person nor how they built them nor installed them. A simpler method for wet work on another building built in the same area with lime in Fairfield PA. This information was shared by Seth Harris DSWA Waller. Both rods had been built with steel. Long term according to the builder of the project in which I was creating suggested we go with all stainless. The specs for this is: 3/8" stainless sheet cut into a 4"x4" square welded to 3/4" stainless steel all thread with stainless nuts welded top and bottom of plate as seen in video. A 1" carbide bit was used with a hammer drill in order to drill all holes. The rods and plates are set 3-4 course below top of build (including cap).

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