Sunday, December 1, 2019

Pro Series - The Illusion of a Line on Natural Stone w/Tracer Chisel

The Illusion of a line is a easy to use method to help shape stone using a carbide tracer chisel. Working the tracer to help draw a line. In this video I also talk about how to use the tracer to help shape cap stones to give the illusion that they are similar in sizes/shape visually. Helping to keep clean create lines that the eye is drawn too. Quick, simple and easy to do. Many thanks to DSWA Master Craftsman Examiner Bill Noble - UK for explaining this method of drawing corner/edge. Back at the 2012 StoneWurx Event in Canada (many thanks to Dean McLellan for such an amazing gathering of wallers from all over the world). Check out Bill's daughter and son team of which are both DSWA Masters ~ Keep on Rockin Lydia & Cuthbert !

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