Tuesday, November 1, 2016

11/2016 Gettysburg Battlefield National Park NEW Freestanding Wall

11/2016 Gettysburg Battlefield
 National Park, Instructor/ Dry Stone Project Coordinator for HPTC - National Park Service. Design and Build Sample wall for approval for wall project. Start of project first 75ft wall only. Lead training and build for start of initial project. 3 weeks on site.  

11/2016 Gettysburg Battlefield National Park, Cheekend section by Mark Jurus

11/2016 Gettysburg Battlefield National Park, Coursed walls section by Mark Jurus

9/2016 Gettysburg Battlefield National Park - Sample wall with PA Fieldstone for HPTC Project Fall 2016 (1 day build) CLICK TO SEE BLOG

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