Friday, April 25, 2014

2014 Kingsville MD, Dry Laid Stone Retaining Wall, Pa Field Stone

Day 3 - On Garden Wall

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22' L x 17.5" average (20"+ middle, 12" end, 16" old wall to right)

This is the first project I've used the PA Field Stone which I picked up at Balducci Stone Yard at Maryland Line on York Road. The field stone can be a little challenging when your us to working with a flat bedded stone. This is a nicely weathered stone some with soft rounded edges, lichen and moss. Most of the stone is hard since it has been out in the weather for so long compared to a freshly quarried stone (for the most part). Being a sand stone you can still do a nice job squaring up the stone for a tight fit if needed.

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At first glance you wonder how to use it - before you know it you can spot all the wonderful faces on each and every stone. The old wall stone (original stone from the site) was mixed in with new since this wall was only built with one face of stone. No wonder it fell over - go figure... but not bad for 20 years. Had it been built correctly I wouldn't be blogging about this project. ha ha ha...

One more day and I'll be all wrapped up. We will see how long it takes before I come back to fix the other section around the Japanese maple..

Before Wall - New PA Blue Stone Patio w/ Granite Edge. This Dry stack wall was not built by Rockin Walls!

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