Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storm Sandy Clean Up 10/30/12

Today was a day to clean up after Hurricane Sandy. I'm grateful to have the equipment we have when things like this happen. I even took the appropriate steps to list every machine I own and make a list for the local fire depts. "Emergence Equipment Assistance" A thumb like this on a mini excavator really does come in handy for those odd size trees. Pulling the one out of the stream was a breeze.

We weathered the storm well. Taking the steps to plan ahead - to be prepared is key. You can never under estimate mother nature.

We wish others a safe and productive recovery.


  1. happy birthday! (jumping from one blog to the next)

  2. Good for you Mark for helping out with the cleanup. Hopefully the damage in your neck of the woods from the storm wasn't too severe, but its always nice to see people chipping and helping out when they can. Good on ya!