Wednesday, August 3, 2011

100 F Temps Hot as....

Cool off when your working on the job site

a 10 x 10 tent

a large 56 ounce cool beverage

a fan blowing fresh hot air

a radio to take your mind off the heat

a couple of buckets of water to put your feet in. (ok just packing stone)

Sweat wicking clothing and head band (Halo II)

As many of your know the last 2 weeks have been off the charts on the east coast. Nice to  finally get a little rain and see temps in the mid 80's for a change today. Working with a tent is one of the smartest things you could own. I like the 10x10. I picked up this one from Walmart for around $100. Just being in the shade keeps it about 10 degree's cooler. Plus you don't run the risk of over exposure to the sun. The 10x10 is also easy for me to set up and move around by myself every day-a big plus. I really got the fan to help slow down the little black nats that just wouldn't let up. I don't mind spraying my self with OFF every day but the home owner was ok with the use of electric. So I was happy to have the fan.  Really made a difference working in extreme 100 + temps. Every day was a good walling day in such extreme temps.

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