Stone Examples

Mark Jurus/Rockin Walls - Copyright 2013

Example of my Dry Laid Stone Construction. This is a freestanding wall - a retaining wall would follow the same construction principles with the independent back face. I've illustrated this in order for clients to understand what goes into a "PROPER" build of a Dry Laid Stone Wall. Construction may vary based on material, site and size of wall. You will see no geogrid fabric, filter cloth, aggregate on my builds. Video about aggregate, geogrid.

Mark Jurus/Rockin Walls - Copyright 2013
My preferred walling style - Coursed with Random Jumpers.  When work with layered stones (level bedding stone/sedimentary stone) such as Butler, Western Maryland, PA Blue Stone.


"Butler Stone" from Butler Maryland or called: Mt. Carmel Rubble / Baltimore Wall Stone.

Deep Brown, Brown, Tan, Orange, White/Silver - Iceberg, Sparkly tops. Size from 1"-6". LOCALLY quarried, Palleted "Rubble" or "Squares and Recs" (+) Hard stone, great colors to work with landscapes. (-) Difficult to shape, under cuts, looser joints, creating corners requires special cut stones called Squares and Recs $$$.

Palleted "Rubble"

Western Maryland Wall Stone (mixed with PA Blue Stone) images below.
Tan, Brown, White, Pink, Yellow Muted pastel colors. Sizes 1"-4" average. Palleted or Bulk (+) Sand stone easy to shape creating tighter joints (-) Thinner stones = $ labor.


  1. Lovely work great skills, just looking to do a beginners course your blog is very illuminating. I'm in u.k

  2. So using jumpers is the way to mix different thicknesses? This doesn't constitute a running joint? I'm slowly learning terminology.

    1. Alfred, there are many walling styles. Yes using jumpers helps with using all stones at hand. Having a running joint can be a weakness in a wall. 2-3 running joints are not bad as long as your making up for it further up. But if you have a verity of different size stones it is a great way to use up everything you have at hand. Different types of stones will need to be used in different walling styles which fit the stone the best and the wallers skill set. All rules are meant to be followed but you can always break any rule as long as you understand them. Rules are simply guides to help build a solid structure which will last 100 plus years.

    2. Hi, I am new here. I really like your wall, stone wall.

  3. I am so happy that I got you into doing this kind of work. We had fun that summer working on the project at my house. Looks like it has launched you into a real passion. Great looking work buddy. I will have to be sure to let my other real estate clients in Maryland call you if they need stone work.

    Tina Beasley
    Better Choice Realty, LLC