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2015 Toro Dingo® TX 1000 / Updated 5/2017 Maybe Not The Best?! ever

Update: 5/2017 Well since this unit has been out I've had the opportunity to run one with the National Park Service HPTC at Gettysburg Battle Field Fall 2016. I have to say I really enjoyed the power of the machine to move pallets of stone. The joystick was simple and easy. The platform was comfortable. The one small thing I didn't like was how the black pelvic pad cushion would leak on your leg as if you forgot to use the bathroom. Kind of embarrassing to say the least for a $30,000 machine.  Seems as if the cushion some how was taking in water if it was left out I guess? This unit we had only had 10 hours from one of the local Sunbelt Rentals. 

Mechanical issues seem to be widespread regarding failures. Which can be found on the web from defective hydraulic hoses, loose hoses, parking brakes issues, neutral safety switch, rear pivot pins ripped out of the metal on the rear lift arms,  sensor problems. Not to say this is the case with all the units out there. Simply ask around and do your homework now that they have been out for over 1 year. See what others have to say to make the right choice for you!

One of my local landscape companies has all the Toro models, TX 420, 427 and TX 525. He has mention he has had issues with is drive wheels and tracks with full replacements within the first year. He had purchased the TX1000 in hopes to downsize some of his aging fleet. Not the case as to a one does all machine as hoped. He also pointed out running hydraulic attachments, that the TX525 has a lot more power than the TX1000. At this point he's been disappointed all and all and is currently selling his TX1000 and looking into the new 2017 Ditch Witch SK1550.  Notes: just about everywhere on chat boards you will read how great customer service is and availability of parts for older units from DW. What's that worth?
As for Toro backend - when I had an issue with a 1 year old exhaust pipe on my TX 420 failing just like the one I had just replaced. The parts seller informed me I had to take the unit to my local dealer to have it inspected!? Regardless of the fact that a photo could sum up the issues. Toro had no interest in replacing the part under warranty since I was a about a month past 1 year. Clearly the Gas engine puts a bunch of vibration on the pipe. I gave up wasting any further time and decided I would just find a better design than the flexible steel ribbed pipe which breaks top or bottom. (Yes I've fixed it) After owning a powersport dealership for over 20 years I've seen just about everything. Not hard to recognize this was clearly a design issue. I will say never again will I buy a Toro after this 1 experience and clearly a lack of caring.  Have you had this issue with your TX420 exhaust - if so please make a comment. Or comment if you have had any issues or no issues with your TX1000 for my readers to review. 

To sum up my update - I believe like any new model you will always have bugs to work out. So waiting for the next generation might be a consideration or the smartest choice sometimes. Just saying... You have to make the call on that one. 

2/27/15 Blog Write Up.........
Yes Toro the creator of the Mini Skid Steer has done it again!!!  Offering the FIRST VERTICAL LIFT BOOM! With the highest lift capacity of 1000 pounds. I've been using a TX420 (see blog link below)  for 3 years now.  I would have never expected to say I love it as much as I do! I own a skid loader which hasn't been to a job site for the same about of time the Dingo has been in the family. : ( 
Sure it might not lift as much or move as fast. I love how easy it is to take to the job site, store on-site and the fact that it can go into some of the smallest spaces. DID I happen to mention no one else offers a narrow track with any kind of lift like TORO? No well I just did. Yes just one more feather in their cap. 

This all new TX 1000 comes in at a great price with a great deal of lift. As we all know lift is everything. Sure others might have a bit more speed which will increase productivity hands down. Have you ever gone roller skating? Do you remember that feeling when you take your skates off? Ya just think about standing on driving platform making a wrong move. You'll be like one of those people on the electronic bulls. I feel it was smart move on Toro's end to be responsible with a safe 4.7 mph speed. Us older guys/gals don't have the legs we once did. Thanks TORO!!

The last thing I really love about the Toro Products are just how strong of a dealer network they have. Sure this might not be the best choice for you if you don't have a dealer close to you. But many of the other products on the market don't have as strong a network. When making a choice you should take this into consideration in case you need service or parts. I've been extremely happy with how many dealers I have to work with in my area. 

Expected to arrive in Toro Dealerships Mid March 2015
TX 1000 NT $29.950 MSRP Narrow Track 33.7" 
TX 1000 WT $31,950 MSRP Wide Track 41"

  • Operating weights: Narrow Track – 2,610 lb / Wide Track – 2,790 lb
  • Vertical Path Lift Arms (great to dump into 30-yard dumpsters and One-Ton Trucks)
  • Hinge Pin Height 81" 
  • Dump Height 61"
  • Dump Angle 40 - Degrees
  • Ground Clearance 6"
  • Ground PSI NT 5.5 / WT 3.6
  • 11.5 gal fuel tank
  • Auxiliary foot operated controls integrated into driver platform
  • 24hp Kubota D1305 Liquid Cooled Diesel Engine
  • Belt-free power train
  • 4.7-mph Ground Speed - Forward & Reverse

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (February 24, 2015) - As the pioneer in the compact utility category, The Toro Company is pleased to introduce the newest and most powerful Dingo® to their lineup - the Toro® Dingo® TX 1000. The newest member of the Dingo family has a rated operating capacity exceeding 1,000-lb, which is the strongest in the category. When the loader arms are fully-extended, the hinge pin measures an impressive 81 inches from the ground to allow the TX 1000 to easily reach over the side of dumpsters and one-ton trucks to maximize jobsite productivity.
Also unique to the industry in the category is the vertical lift loader arm design, which keeps the load closer to the machine to allow operators to lift more weight with greater confidence. Additionally, this feature increases the reach at full height to make dumping more efficient. The vertical path of the lift arms is also exceptional in vertical applications with the auger or concrete breaker. Another exclusive feature on the new TX 1000 is the weight-to-power ratio. The narrow track model is 2,610-lbs (1,184 kg), and wide-track is 2,790 lbs (1,266 kg) and can lift more than any CUL in the category.

“We are extremely excited for the Dingo TX 1000 to increase the jobsite productivity of contractors. The new design innovations are intended to exceed operators' expectations,” explains Sean O'Halloran, marketing manager for The Toro Company. “We listened to what was important to operators of compact utility loaders, and our end result is a highly-engineered, feature-rich machine that is the leader in a number of specifications across the product class.”
The Toro-exclusive traction control design is intuitive and effortless, providing operators all-day productivity. Other operator-centric features have been engineered into the new TX 1000, including thigh and hip padding on the operator station for a comfortable experience and an auxiliary foot control integrated into the suspended platform which frees the operator's hands to focus on ground speed and attachment positioning.

In terms of productivity, the Kubota® 1305 liquid-cooled, diesel engine boasts an impressive 24 gross hp at 2,600 rpm with increased displacement and high torque - giving the TX 1000 maximum power. The machine also is equipped with dual fuel tanks to reduce downtime in the field. Other time-saving features include an easily accessible engine for routine maintenance tasks, belt-free design to minimize maintenance, and ground speeds of 4.7 mph in both forward and reverse to maximize productivity.

With nine different models - from wheeled, tracked, gas or diesel, and now the all-new Dingo TX 1000 - Toro offers the strongest compact utility loader lineup in the industry. Customers can continue to count on a Toro Dingo to get their work done with a powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use lineup. The Toro Dingo will be available from Toro's trusted network of equipment dealers across the globe.
For more information on Toro's full line of Dingo compact utility loaders, please visit To learn more about Toro's distribution network, visit

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